Propane Forklift Testimonial: Renze Display

After 120 years in business, Renze display has mastered building tradeshow exhibits from the ground up. They utilize forklifts to move crates and exhibit pieces through their warehouse and when onloading and offloading trucks. Hear President & CEO, Doug Buchanan, explain why they made the jump from electric to propane-powered forklifts.

Raise the Standard for Forklift Safety

Propane suppliers are safety masters with handling cylinders, so why not enlist them for safety training that your operators will remember. Teach your crew how to properly and safely utilize cylinders with forklifts so they are a pro in no time. While some fuels require refueling, propane suppliers offer services such as refilling empty cylinders, mapping out your cylinder cage location and removing damaged cylinders for repair or retirement, making it easier for your operators to focus on their job at hand.

Propane Can Do That: Forklift

There’s a clear advantage of propane-powered forklifts: lasting power, better productivity, and lower emissions. See what propane can do for your warehouse.